How It Works

How GForceTracker™ Works

The GForceTracker™ provides a revolutionary approach to your game by creating an environment like no other; where athletes & coaches can use valuable metrics to make better decisions in-game, where coaches can see what drills & activities are pushing athletes too far (risking potential injury), and where athletes can see exactly how they’ve performed in a specific game, practice, or across a lifetime of activity.

What information does the GForceTracker™ provide?

GForceTracker™ Time Tracking
Time Tracking
GForceTracker™ Impact Data
Impact Data
GForceTracker™ Effort/Exertion/Energy Levels
Effort/Exertion/Energy Levels
GForceTracker™ Severity of Impacts
Severity of Impacts
GForceTracker™ Athlete Fuel Gauge
Athlete Fuel Gauge
GForceTracker™ Direction of Impacts
Direction of Impacts
GForceTracker™ Speed & Acceleration
Speed & Acceleration
GForceTracker™ Nutrition Information
Real Time Monitoring

We Focus on 3 Key Aspects of the Game:

GFT™ Impacts

Real time reporting of impact frequency and severity giving coaches, athletes & athletic trainers the information they need at the sideline to improve training, technique & maintain player safety.

  • Programmable thresholds
  • Impact frequencies and severity
  • Real time monitoring of impacts
  • Coaching tool monitors a lifetime of impacts to improve training and technique.
GFT™ Performance

A coaching tool tailored to the individual athlete’s player profile giving instant feedback on player activity, exertion & performance.

  • Individual player profiles
  • Player activity and exertion
  • Real time player fuel gauge
  • Team and individual monitoring
GFT™ Research

By adding GFT™ Research to the standard software, researchers and medical staff can view & track detailed head impact kinematics that can be used to further improve the safety of sport.

  • Three dimensional linear & rotational raw data collection and export
  • 3 KHz sample rate data collection
  • Lab test mode for constant data collection
  • Impact determination based on azimuth and elevation of strike points

Take your game to the next level with GForceTracker™

We Love Sports!

We’re a big fan of sports, so we’re revolutionizing
the game for athletes, coaches, and the sports
community. They put their heart and soul
into the game, and we’re doing the same;
by creating a better, healthier, and
safer environment for athletes.


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